Third Interim Evaluation of IPA Assistance

Western Balkans
Economic and Regional Development
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Ending Date: 
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Lead Partner: 
Humelica Consulting International
Detailed description of the project: 
The primary objective of this interim evaluation is assessing accomplishment of IPA programme objectives by judging on the performance of the attained results and impacts of IPA assistance and providing recommendations for improving the quality of IPA programming and implementation (predominantly under IPA II).
Specific Objectives
  1. To provide an assessment in both qualitative and quantitative terms on the performance of EU assistance; particularly its efficiency, effectiveness, impact, coherence, sustainability and value added as regards the achievement of the IPA objectives, to enable strong political, institutional and economic reforms in the beneficiary countries.
  2. To provide to the Commission lessons learned and recommendations to improve current IPA assistance (where and if applicable) and programming and implementation of IPA II assistance.
Type of services provided
  • Evaluation covered assistance deployed under the (i) annual national programmes for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Croatia for component I during the period 2007-2011 and (ii) multi-annual operational programmes for Components III and IV for former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey and Croatia in the period 2007-2011. Emphasis of the evaluation on Private Sector development/ Competitiveness and Employment and Social policy
  • Provide useful and concrete recommendations to improve current IPA assistance (if and where relevant) and programming and implementation of IPA II assistance. The evaluation shall also provide recommendations to the Commission, specifically to the selected sectors with respect to the expected management of these policy areas by DG ELARG.