Technical Assistance in carrying out effective market surveillance in line with the EU Acquis

Economic and Regional Development
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Ending Date: 
Donor agency: 
IBF International Consulting, Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology, EuroPartners Development Consulting
Lead Partner: 
Humelica Consulting International
Detailed description of the project: 

2.1 Overall objective

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be part of is to improve the safety level of Albanian citizens and to create an enabling environment for the businesses to improve their performance and become competitive in the internal market by the proper implementation of the relevant legislation.

2.2 Purpose

The purpose of this contract is to further strengthen the institutional capacities of the relevant market surveillance authorities in order to carry out effective market surveillance in line with the requirements of the acquis.

2.3 Results to be achieved by the Contractor

Result 1: The strategic management and operational capacities of market surveillance inspectorate to perform its activities according to best practices and requirements of the acquis are enhanced.

Result 2: Inspectors covering intellectual property issues to carry out enforcement activities according to best EU practices are trained.

Result 3: The regulatory structures to adopt and update the national legislation as per developments in EU for Chapter 1 of the acquis are trained and acquainted with the procedures and requirements of signing Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products.

Result 4: Technical Specifications are drafted and software to serve as a centre and memory for the entire market surveillance system activities is developed.

Result 5: Awareness of economic operators and consumers on the relevant legislation and enforcement administrative structures is increased.