Strengthening of Human Resource Managment Capacities of Local Government Units

  • Posted on: 1 December 2010
  • By: edona
Good Governance
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Government of the Netherlands
Lead Partner: 
EuroPartners Development
Detailed description of the project: 

The project goal was to improve Human Resource Management capacities and practices of the Local Government Units (either municipal or commune) in order to deliver the public services in a more effective and efficient manner, as well as apply for EU funding.

Type of services provided


  • Raised skills and technical expertise of the staff of LGUs, in particular the human resources management departments, to use modern methodologies to conduct/lead a proper internal training needs assessments
  • A common framework of reference, a common methodology, language and terminology for the discussions and assessment of training needs established for all LGUs
  • A rolling process of regular training needs assessment is installed as part of overall human resources management process - and likely to become a routine process in the work of local government units
  • Regular and well defined proposals for training local government staff are supplied to TIPA from local government institutions
  • Raised capacities of LGUs to apply for EU funding


1. Project Cycle Managment Manual

2. Manaxhimi i Shpenzimeve Publike ne Njesite e Qeverisjes Vendore