Self-Evaluation Albania of CARDS/IPA projects 2013

Economic and Regional Development
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EuroPartners Development
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Overall objective
Contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of the Commission’s development assistance to Albania and in this light, the improvement of the quality of life in Albania. In more detail, the global objectives of the evaluation aim to: a) establish lessons learned and measurements of achievement in support to improvements of on-going programmes; b) provide an accountability outline of value-for-money and of use of CARDS/IPA funds and identify areas of improvement of financial assistance to Albania. The evaluation will need to focus both on the beneficiaries’ perceptions of inputs received as well as on the Commission’s perspective of achievements.
Specific objectives
The specific objectives of this evaluation will be to identify both strengths and weaknesses in the design, performance and management of the selected projects with a view to:
a) enhance the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability and accountability of assistance;
b) identify deficiencies in the completed projects;
c) replicate successful experiences in other projects/programmes;
d) improve the programming and identification of future actions on the basis of the lessons learned from these projects (feedback         loop in the project cycle);
e) verify if equipment and infrastructure funded under CARDS/IPA financial assistance are inventoried, properly used and maintained in accordance with best practice.
Type of services provided
The evaluation to determine to what extent the projects have succeeded in meeting the objectives of the EU assistance as set out in the relevant Multi Annual Indicative Programming Document (MIPD) and to what extent the projects have increased the Albanian Government’s ability to meet its objectives within the agreed framework of co-operation with the EU.