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Are you interested on the European Youth Program ERASMUS +? 

Europartners Development has prepared an e-leaning video in order to provide information for Youth or organizations working in the youth field younger on the program.

Erasmus + is the EU 's program that supports young people in areas of education, training and sport.

Through this video you will learn what are the opportunities for getting involved, to apply and get acquainted with the criteria/ or topics supported by this program.

Did you know that the European Union provides financial instruments targeted to young people and youth organizations? In the framework of the project "Albanian Youth for EU Integration", the EuroPartners Development has prepared a Handbook to present the European Union Financing Instruments for Youth and Youth Organizations.

Albania has been involved in the European Union Integration process for years, which is one of the most important goals for the country. Despite its strategic importance, the involvement and role of youth and youth organizations in this process is not yet as grounded as required by the EU and policies adopted by its institutions.

During August and September 2020, EuroPartners Development in the framework of the project "Albanian Youth for EU Integration" conducted a survey related to the knowledge that young people have on what the EU represents as an institution? How the institutional bodies function? What offers to the citizens of member and/or accession countries, such as Albania?

This survey was held online through the app "Polls for Pages" and targeted young people aged 18-30. There were around 900 responses.

More about the poll results you can find in the following document:

The awareness of citizens and their active participation in decision making processes is an essential element of a country's democracy. The interaction of local government with citizens should be at a high degree of cooperation, as the objectives and goals are in for the common good of these two actors.

The EuroPartners Development as lead implementing partner on: “Innovation EcoSystem in the CBC area” Project is looking for vacant positions:

  1. Senior Innovation Officer Hub Staff (deadline 05 December 2018)
  2. Scientific Staff Liaison Officer (deadline 31 January 2019)

Whoever is interested is kindly pleased to express his/her interest together with CVs.