Evaluation Report “Citizen Participation in Local Budgeting”

The awareness of citizens and their active participation in decision making processes is an essential element of a country's democracy. The interaction of local government with citizens should be at a high degree of cooperation, as the objectives and goals are in for the common good of these two actors. An important element in this "coexistence" is building relationshis between the community, interest groups and local government. The local government has not always found the necessary instruments to reflect the shortcomings, interests or positioning of different community groups in its decision-making, but also on the real impact that the public consultation process has on the local budget.
To help the municipalities in the process of evaluation and measuring the impact of the public consultations in Albania the EuroPartners Development organization has conducted an evaluation report "Citizen Participation in Local Budgeting" in 10 municipalities of the country such as: Municipality of Elbasan, Gramsh, Kavaja , Lushnje, Mallakastër, Mirditë, Patos, Përmet, Roskovec and Urë Vajgurore. The assessment of the situation in the 10 municipalities was based on the number of citizen participation in budget consultations, compliance with the criteria for public announcement and publication of public consultations; as well as the information mechanisms available to citizens on budget priorities for each municipality;
This report was realized in the framework of the project QYTETAR!!! KUPTO BUXHETIN E BASHKISË TËNDE!!!! with the financial support of Leviz Albania, a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC. The project is being implemented by EuroPartners Development with the aim of using innovative tools of informing citizens and promote the process of monitoring, awareness and transparency in budget allocation at the local level.