Public Awareness Campaign for the Metrology, Standards, Testing and Quality (MSTQ) System

Economic and Regional Development
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World Bank
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EuroPartners Development
Detailed description of the project: 


The Project will design an integrated promotion campaign in such a way as to have maximum impact in promoting MSTQ organizations as well as related activities of METE among the target groups in Albania. The campaign will maximize the synergy between MSTQ organizations and use the common theme of the importance of MSTQ to the competitiveness of Albanian industry for both domestic and export markets.

Type of services provided:

  • To enhance the safety level of products and processes, protect the health and lives of persons and the environment.
  • To support the conformity with legislation in regard to requirements for safeguarding and improving quality of life, safety of health, protection of environment and consumers.
  • To promote the quality of products, processes and services.
  • To ensure the efficient use of labor, materials and energy.
  • To improve the efficiency of production, variety control, ensuring compatibility and interchange ability.
  • To remove technical barriers for Albanian produced goods in international trade.