Public Administration Reform 'Support to Improve Citizen-Centric Public Service Delivery in Albania'

Good Governance
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Donor agency: 
GOPA Gmbh (Germany) Icon Institut (Germany), IDRA (Albania)
Lead Partner: 
Humelica Consulting International
Detailed description of the project: 
The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to further strengthen citizen-centric public service delivery in Albania. 
The purpose of the contract is to support the public administration reforms (PAR) with particular attention to strengthening the capacities of the Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration (MIPA), as well as providing institutional and administrative capacity building to the Agency for the Delivery of Integrated Services (ADISA) in order to further support citizen-centric public services in Albania. 
The project is focused on:
  • Improved public services delivery by undertaking a legal-structural reform which will result in the integration and digitalization of public services.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive Gap Analysis on the EU approximation of the existing legislative framework should be considered as the preliminary step within this activity. Conduct of analysis of existing legislation and regulations and preparation of the recommended legal framework relative to improved service delivery thanks to the separation of front office from back office and the simplification and standardization of such delivery; 
  • Review and consolidation of the public services inventory in Albania
  • Improvement of operational and administrative procedures for the Citizen Service Centre functioning under the one-stop-shop and in-one-place service delivery model, as well as separated front offices, including identification of supporting management tools, as well as implementation advice and support including training for ADISA staff; 
  • Identification of structural reform needed to improve service delivery, and the set up of an implementation action plan of the new and amended institutional framework for the improved public service delivery system and simplification, including the provision of training for the staff involved in the process; 
  • Design of new effective and efficient public service delivery channels, improve existing designs and conduct an information campaign with greatest reach among the public;


Main Activities
  • Analysis of existing legislation and regulations and to streamline improved service delivery. Carry on legislative impact assessment and provide recommendations on future legislation/regulation 
  • Review and consolidate the Inventory of existing platforms and public services 
  • review implementation of the code of administrative procedures and process in terms of operational/administrative procedures and legal framework to support operational changes 
  • Develop transparent, flexible, coherent organizational and decision-making structures and appropriate job descriptions for centralized service delivery management (Citizen Service Centre) 
  • Draft new or improve respective operational/administrative manuals,
  • Provide implementation advice and support for the designed operational manuals including  Training of Trainers (ToT) as well as training and on-the-job coaching of supervisory and management staff 
  • Design internal audit structure for separated front office service delivery management; prepare audit procedures and reporting, and provide training for auditors;
  • Prepare detailed regulations and manuals on the administration of the relationship between front and back offices under separate management to include, inter alia, roles and responsibilities, standards of communication, workflow, information flow, financial arrangements, handling of customer complaints, together with escalation mechanisms, reporting, etc.; 
  • Define indicators to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and service information communication channels (face-to-face, phone, online, e-mail, mobile etc.), 
  • Design an institutional structure to monitor the implementation of service delivery standards, as well as ensure ongoing improvement; detail its roles and responsibilities; prepare an operation manual, as well as draft and support the approval of the required legal framework for such a structure. Conduct an assessment of the implementation of customer care standards in selected central government institutions in Albania, as well as selected municipalities. Support the adoption of best European practices in quality assurance;
  • Support the establishment of a Citizen Contact Center administered by ADISA;
  • Support public information on the improved service delivery and role of the voice of the customer through awareness campaign activities, including the media;
  • Provide a cost analysis for the functioning of citizen service centers and the separated front offices, as well as provide recommendation for both the inter-agency fee structure and the administrative service fee, paid by citizens including expedite delivery;
  • Analyze and provide recommendations on a business model for the citizen service center, and overall ADISA operations, as well as outsourcing options for Front Office public service delivery;
Team Leader 330 WD
Key Expert 2: Senior legal expert 165 WDs
Senior Expert 310 WDs
Junior Experts 625 WDs