Preparation of National Strategy for Development and Integration 2014-2020

Good Governance
Starting Date: 
Ending Date: 
Donor agency: 
World Bank
Lead Partner: 
EuroPartners Development
Detailed description of the project: 
Overall objective is to enable Albanian institutions to establish a coherent and broadly consulted strategic policy framework that will encompass Albanian development and EU integration priorities for the period 2013-2020.
Specific Objective of the project was to support the Albanian government under the leading role of DSDC, to finalise NSDI 2013-2020 document based on a broad consultation and a participatory process.
The project consisted in three components: 
  • Consultations and reviewing the first draft of NSDI 2013-2020.   Review the input provided by line ministries to the final draft of NSDI 2013-2020, ensuring coherence between NSDI chapters, clearly presented overall priorities as well as specific policy and sector and crosscutting related reforms; Review the chapter on the Macroeconomic framework to ensure that the policies set out in this chapter support the overall objectives of the NSDI 2013-2020; Provide an overall assessment on how the prospects for development of the Albanian Economy and factors for sustainable economic growth are reflected in the NSDI document;
  • Finalization of the NSDI document: Ensure that the feedback provided during the consultation process is properly reflected in the NSDI document;
  • Launching the NSDI 2013-2020: Presentation of the final draft of the strategy and related documents in the workshops with the participation of line ministries and other stakeholder 
Type of services provided:
Hands on support and coaching of the DSDC staff during the process of finalising the NSDI document.
The expertise consisted of Team Leader – Strategic Planning Expert ; a Macro-Economic expert and a pool of three strategic planning local experts