Preparation of the Albanian Authorities for the EU's Decentralised Implementation System (DIS)

Good Governance
Economic and Regional Development
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East West Consulting
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Overall Objective

Adequately prepare the Albanian Authorities for absorbing EU financial assistance, putting into place efficient structures and strengthening the capacities of key institutions for technical management of decentralized programmes in order to ensure sound management of DIS

Type of services provided:

• Drafting of procedures for all key functions and preparation of written procedures for all bodies involved.

• Definition and development of principles, instructions and manuals of procedures for the NF and the CFCU in the MoF regarding the key internal procedures, financial control, risk analysis and irregularities.

• Preparation of the national legal framework for the management of IPA

• Provision of training to employees of all bodies concerned

• Support the establishment of sound procurement and financial management and internal control systems for implementation of EU funds

• Address and assist all bodies involved in resolving all issues that have been raised by an independent auditor’s referring to Stage 3 of DIS.