Policy Advice for Mid-Term Evaluation of NSDI and Preparations for the Strategy 2013-2020

Good Governance
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EuroPartners Development
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The overall objective: enable the Albanian institutions to ensure sustainability of the IPS core processes, particularly assuring that an appropriate and coherent strategic framework is in place to guide the policy agenda aligned with the European Integration process, the medium term budget planning process as well as the external assistance.
More specifically the objective of the project supported the Albanian institutions, under the leading role of DSDC, to conduct a mid-term performance evaluation of the NSDI 2007-2013 and start preparations for the review and development of the new strategy 2013-2020.
  • Support DSDC in the mid-term performance evaluation of NSDI, including lessons learnt and recommendations
  • Prepare evaluation/review profile of selected sector strategies
  • Prepare the methodology for the revision of NSDI and definition of policy objectives and performance indicators for the period 2013-2020. Preparation of instructions for line ministries, in terms of process and content.
  • Training support to DSDC staff on the methodology of identifying and assessing performance indicators and policy analysis and planning
  • Support DCDC on delivery of a range of workshops with line ministries to disseminate and consult the methodology of evaluation/reviewing of NSDI in collaboration with Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Integration and LM.
  • Methodological support to DCDC on identifying the best ways for enhancing the civil society participation in the evaluation/revision process of NSDI (including re-activation of the National Advisory Group, that were part of the planning and preparation process of NSDI, as well as the Advisory Groups involved in the preparation of sector strategies)