Fostering Cooperation and mobilization composing economic clusters

Economic and Regional Development
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EuroPartners Development
Detailed description of the project: 

The project’s major objective is the “Creation of a quality oriented strategy aiming at the touristic valorization of the participating areas through the enhancement of the Quality basket goods:

Type of the service provided:

  • 2 strategic identification studies of the current situation of the quality basket goods 2 integrated studies regarding the quality criteria for logo award /
  • 2 identification surveys on the typical and quality baskets of goods,
  • a concrete dissemination document regarding the logo enhancement ( trainig- publicity ) / project leaflets, newsletters , facebook page;

The Project results are:

Target 1. The change of the behavior of local stake holders on visitors and travelers,

Target 2. The promotion and valorization of a different – attractive though- touristic product,

Target 3. The improvement of services in the area,

Target 4. The improvement of the areas GDP and the improvement of working conditions

Target 5. CBC coordination and enhancement of local and traditional products,

Target 6. The quality logo strategy to create a long lasting touristic strategy.