Cost-benefit analysis of Twinning versus Technical Assistance (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia)

Western Balkans
Sustainable Development
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ECORYS (The Netherlands)
Detailed description of the project: 

The objectives of this evaluation were:

  • To assess the contribution of the Twinning and Technical Assistance (TA) tools to the overall accession process in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey, in particular through a comparative analysis (i.e. based on a number of key sectors) of the relative advantage and underlying considerations justifying the choice of different instruments (Twinning or TA) for the implementation of financial assistance in these countries.
  • To provide lessons learned and guidance for the programming and planning of future assistance, including through the development of cost-benefit assessment templates to help decision-makers estimate in which cases Twinning or TA ought to be used.

Type of services provided were:

  • (a cost-benefit analysis of Twinning versus Technical Assistance with findings, conclusions and recommendations providing operational managers in EC Delegations and beneficiary countries' administrations with guidance for a balanced assessment of the implementation modalities most suited to their assistance needs
  • a mapping of the assistance implementation tools (TW/TA) and their use in a number of key sectors in the countries concerned by this evaluation.