Capacity Building of Culture Programme Grantees in ROM and PFM

Starting Date: 
Ending Date: 
Donor agency: 
Lead Partner: 
Humelica Consulting International
Detailed description of the project: 
The global objective of this assignment is that the 10th EDF Support to Culture in Tanzania programme delivers its objectives.
The specific objective of this assignment is that projects under the programme adopt a results-oriented management approach and are able to provide high-quality operational and financial reports.
The main outputs of the project are: 
  1. One group training on project-cycle management with particular focus on the logical framework approach and financial and contractual rules related to EU grant projects
  2. On-site coaching sessions for ten projects staff  
Type of services provided:
  • Capacity building to the eighteen projects' management teams in results oriented management and EU financial and contractual rules. The services will be differentiated for each project, depending on a preliminary needs' assessment already performed by the NAO PSU and the EU Delegation, and analysis by the experts' in the preparation of their mission and after the first training session.
  • Standard training on eighteen projects: 1/ project cycle management with particular focus on the design and use of the logical framework - this first session should not take more than three days; and 2/standard reminder of General Conditions of the contract and related templates for reporting – this second session should not take more than one day.  
  • "one to one" coaching sessions organised on the project's site for a selected number of projects.