Good Governance
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Association of Municipalities
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This project is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Europe for Citizens program . The project is implemented by the Association of Municipalities, is a leader in partnership with 9 partners, a foreign partner French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions ( AFCCRE) and 8 Albanian non-governmental organizations:
Europartners Development (EPD), Urban Research Institute (URI), SEDA, Albanian Association for Sustainable Development (ASDO), National Centre for Training and Technical Assistance (ANTTARC) Independent Forum of Albanian Women (IFAW), missionaries to Social Rights (MDSK), Institute for Reform and Democratic Studies (IRDS).
This project aims to encourage twinning programs and activities of the Albanian municipalities. Municipal twinning program aims to strengthen the role of local governments and national associations in providing the necessary tools and capacity for twinning of cities. The project will support raising the awareness by promoting a sense of European identity based on shared values through the exchange of best practices and by promoting local historical and cultural heritage, exploring opportunities to incorporate these values within and twinning programs cooperation.