TACSO Project - Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations

Western Balkan, Turkey
Starting Date: 
Ending Date: 
Donor agency: 
Lead Partner: 
SIPU International (Sweden)
Detailed description of the project: 

Implementation of the project will be made by a consortium composed of SIPU International in cooperation with Civil Society Promotion Centre (CSPC), Partners Foundation for Local Development (FPDL), Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (FSLD), and Human Resource Development Foundation (HRDF) respectively being implemented in regional offices already established in Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Turkey.
SIPU International - the Swedish Institute for Public Administration - is the lead partner of the Consortium and will be overall responsible for the implementation of the contract.
The project activities in Albania would concentrate on the following areas:
1. Informing the CSO sector as a whole of the process of EU Integration and the SAP.
2. Strengthening the capacities of national NGOs, networks and coalitions to monitor government processes, strategy and policy-making, as well as to act as watchdog over the implementation of policy and law.
3. Organisational capacity building of CSOs in rural areas, where civil society is extremely weak and in many cases organisations are in need of basic capacities.
The project in Albania started on August and will continue until August 2011. Europartners Development is the hosting organisation for the project in Albania.