Support to Regional Development in Kosovo

Economic and Regional Development
Starting Date: 
Ending Date: 
Donor agency: 
Lead Partner: 
ACE Consulting (Spain)
Detailed description of the project: 

The overall objective of the project is to develop an enabling environment for private sector development and job creation for all communities in Kosovo.

Specific objective: To initiate the process of Regional Economic Development (RED) in selected target regions in Kosovo.

Type of services provided:

  • Conduct a feasibility study/research on the initiation of RED in Kosovo, including definition of number of regions and final selection of locations.
  • Liaise with all relevant local stakeholders, public and private in order to get their buying for the regional development approach.
  • Assist the local authorities with the legal registration of the 3 pilot regional development agencies
  • Support the registered pilot regional development agencies with setting up their offices (drafting business plans, proposing organisation structures, drafting job descriptions etc).

Taking account of best practice and experience of other countries in the region, support the design of the institutional framework for development in the regions, that is, the institutional framework for the establishment of the RDAs