Support to Kosovo's Policy And Strategic Planning

Good Governance
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CPM Consulting Group
Detailed description of the project: 

Overall objective  To improve quality of public policies and to contribute to effective Government decision-making that integrates Kosovo’s overall development agenda with the European integration agenda and available resources

Specific Objective is To strengthen the strategic and operational policy planning in central government institutions and line ministries.  
Component 1: Overarching policy framework : 
•Support to elaboration of the National Development Strategy (NDS); 
•Support to elaboration of the Structural Reform Agenda within the Economic and Fiscal Programme (EFP); 
Component 2: Integrated Planning System : 
•Support to establishing the Integrated Planning System (IPS) including the common planning and reporting calendar: 
•Support to establishing effective IPS monitoring system including ICT supported reporting system for the IPS; 
Component 3: Policy Management Capacity: 
•Strengthening of the OPM, particularly the SPO, to perform its mandate;  
•Strengthening of capacities of ministerial DEIPCs to perform functions in relation to the NDS, IPS and policy coordination;  
Type of services provided
Under each component support will be provided to: 
Component 1: Overarching policy framework :
•Elaboration of the NDS Concept
•Preparation of the National Development Priorities Consultation Document (NDPCD)
•Support to initial operationalization of the NDS and setting up monitoring and reporting mechanism
Component 2: Integrated Planning System : 
•Review of the Current Planning and Monitoring System to Identify Gaps and Potential Improvements; 
•Develop a Road Map for an Integrated Planning System (IPS), and assist to reach adoption of the IPS by the Government
•Initial Implementation  of the IPS Roadmap - Develop methodologies and instructions needed to implement the IPS
•Reviewing the institutional and legal framework for implementing the IPS; 
•Adoption and Implementation  IPS Support to Creating a Comprehensive  Monitoring and Reporting System in Line with the IPS Requirements
Component 3: Policy Management Capacity: 
•Creating a Comprehensive  Monitoring and Reporting System in Line with the IPS Requirements
•Establishment  of stronger central coordination capacity
•Donor coordination related to the NDS and IPS
•Facilitating learning from peers and exchanging experiences on the NDS / IPS
•Develop SPO capacity through ongoing coaching of staff
•Deliver “train the trainers” course to potential trainers of “Policy Management” Course