Support to Government for preparation of strategic document for new IPA financial assistance (IPA II)

Good Governance
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PPF Project
Detailed description of the project: 

• Supporting the Albanian Line Ministries and relevant Agencies to carry out a sector self assessment for preparation of EU strategic documents for new EU IPA II programme.
• Ensuring that FFF takes into account, whenever possible, assessments already carried out by other EU funded projects and other Donors.
• Supporting the beneficiary in performing an institutional assessment on relevant Institutions involved in each sector/sub sector, including revision of existing workload analysis and training needs for their staff
• Reviewing budget analysis done per each sector/subsector aiming to ensure that policy declarations, budget preparation and budget execution are/will be in line with adopted strategies and action plans and share and discuss findings with budget expert contracted by ADA/PPF
• Identifying gaps in pursuing the sector assessment and proposing clear measures in the sector policy to ensure future quality strategic programming in line with the requirements of the new IPA programme (2014-2020)

Type of services provided:

Hands on support to Line Ministries on carrying out the self- assessment process