Study on Implementation of Shared Functions in the Local Government Level

Good Governance
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EuroPartners Development
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Overall Objective:
The overall objective of the assignment is to assist the GoA on establishing a new strategic framework on decentralization and local governance.

Specific objective
- To carry out the analyses on the implementation of the shared functions in the local government level.

Type of services provided

Carry out the analyses of the overall spending at the local level for the period 2010-2014

- Carry out analyses of the implementation of the respective legislation related to the shared functions at the local level

- Carry out interviews with local government authorities to identify the problems and shortcomings in the implementation of the shared functions

- Carry out interviews with Ministry of Finance, Department for LGUs budget on the issue of financing of the local government shared functions

- Develop the study and conduct consultation with the Interministerial Working Group on Decentralisation