ProINVEST Albania

Economic and Regional Development
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Ending Date: 
Donor agency: 
Lead Partner: 
GFA Consulting Group
Detailed description of the project: 

Overall Objective:

To implement a survey which will help in guiding and prioritizing the reform efforts of the relevant government institutions but also help to understand the performance and quality of public investment promotion programmes

Specific objective

The implementation of the 2016 and 2017 investors’ surveys conducted by the GIZ ProINVEST project as well as the implementation of a practical guide on the methodology and implementation of the investors’ survey.


Type of services provided

- Design of a research process , methodology, sample size and set up of an investors’ survey

- Organization and implementation of workshops for the partners and investors

- Scheduling and conducting individual, semi-structured and face to face interviews

- Presentation of survey results

- Preparation of final reports on the investors ‘surveys 2016 and 2017

- Practical guide on the methodology and implementation of the investors’ survey