Preparation of Tourism Development Plans in Kryevidh

Economic and Regional Development
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EuroPartners Development
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The overall objective of the assignment is to prepare strategic plan in tourism development for the commune Kryevidh ( Tirana Region) involved in Community Works Programmes III, implemented by Albanian Development Fund and financed by Central European Bank. Moreover, the strategic plan of tourism development will be focused on providing a tourist profile of the communes and the vision and priorities that will help achieving the vision identified, and a detailed action steps for a certain period of time. The main specific services provided are as following: Develop the Commune’s profile providing the overall features of the area studied, such as population, local economy, social conditions, poverty, environment and businesses operating in the area, etc Tourism Potentials: the distinctions of the setting, its qualities concerning their cultural heritage and natural resources that makes the territory a tourist one. Description of existing applied tourism type: applied in this area Situational Analysis: Based on gathered data, a SWOT analysis related to tourism development in the area developed. Tourism development strategic plan: to address the further development of tourism in the area included Action plans: action plans and key actors, period of time and costs for each of them. A strategic investment plan on infrastructure projects expected to be financed through CWP III. Material: Tourism Development Plan for the Commune of Kryevidh (link below)