Outlining Sida Support to Public Administration in Albania and Kosovo 2014-2020

Albania/ Kosovo
Good Governance
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Ending Date: 
Donor agency: 
Lead Partner: 
PAI (London)
Detailed description of the project: 

The scope of the study is to provide an input to Sida’s development of the new results strategy. Its broad aim is to identify possible gaps in current international support to Albania and Kosovo in the areas of policy management, public administration reform, public financial management reform and local government reform as prioritized by the Governments of Albania and Kosovo, and identify and assess priority areas for Swedish support in this field in each of the two countries.

The specific services include :

• Identification of key sources of information and key experts in each country
• Description and analysis of the present status and major problems in these reform areas
• Identification and brief description of on-going reforms
• Identification and brief description of donor support and future plans in these reform areas
• Identification of agents of change
• Identification of strategically important unmet needs and priority areas for Swedish support and draft tentative goals for Swedish support to be achieved 2020.

Type of services provided:

Conduction of a broad assessment of specific risks for success in the identified areas for future Swedish support and if relevant, possible risk mitigation efforts.