Increase the Capacities of NGOs towards future Sustainability

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EuroPartners Development
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Detailed description of project

The overall objective is to promote self-sustainability of the NGO communities in the cities of Tirana, Shkodra, Elbasan, Korça, Gjirokastra and Vlora, through raising their managment as wel as income generating capacities.

  • Establishing an acitve network of NGOs in terms of cooperation in income generation projects,
  • Enhancing their know-how in terms of income and other resource generation
  • Enhancing NGO management capacities and especially their ability to prepare a specific NGO-development plan linked to a strategic planning approach
  • Increase their knowledge on funding possibilities with a focus specifically on EC funding, through IPA, CBC programs and other sources, but also providing them the appropriate information on other international organisations worldwide which can be used as income generation sources for their activities
  • Promoting cooperation and coordination within the NGO communities in order to be able to pursue their strategic goals more effectively
  • Enhancing the sound viability of the NGO communities by assisting those NGOs, which are able to develop their sustainability through the opportunities offered by the project.

Type of services provided

  • In this framework, 12 seminars in the above regions will be organized to fulfill the objectives of the training on strategic planning, development of the NGO development planning, income generation ideas, partnership for capacity building, management capacities of NGOs, success stories: case studies from other countries
  • A website forum for NGOs will be open to provide the possibility to NGOs to express their views and share information, experience or issues of concern
  • Preparation and publishing of a guide for NGOs to resources on income generating activities.
  • There will be organized 6 round tables and 2 TV debates