Digital Jobs Albania

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World Bank
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Detailed description of the project: 

Digital Jobs Albania” was a World Bank initiative implemented by Learnio and EuroPartners Development with the aim to help women in Albania gain better access to online work opportunities and connect with the global economy. The project provides 3-month intensive online training in digital skills for women aged 16-35 years, empowering them to access online freelancer job opportunities in graphic design, web development, and digital marketing. 

Scope of the work and deliverables 

  1. Designed and implemented a marketing campaign to attract training program applicants (Over 4000 Applicants generated)
  2. Designed and implemented a selection process to identify training program invitees (Over 1000 program invitees)
  3. Designed and implemented an online classroom training course for the program participants (500 students trained)
  4. Designed and implemented an on-the-job guidance and mentorship program: After completion of the classroom training, the program accompanied certified program participants in completing at least one income-earning task on an online freelancer website, including through one-on-one mentorship sessions and check-ins. (From the 500 trainees, 270+ got successfully certified and 100+ of them found a freelancing job/project before the training program ended)
  5. Supported the preparation of a pilot impact evaluation report where the entire eligible candidate pool was surveyed as to labor market outcomes. The survey helped to prepare an impact evaluation report, including a summary of survey results, a cost-benefit analysis, an assessment of program achievements and lessons learned for future similar initiatives.