Delegation of functions for implementation "Function of protection from fire and rescue"

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Swiss Government
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EuroPartners Development
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The law of “Fire Protection and Rescue ” has been approved and in the framework of the decentralization process this service is under the discretion of the municipalities. In order to strengthen the role of the LGUs and increase the effectiveness of public service delivery, as well as the implementation of the Law No.139 / 2015 "On Local Self-Government", this project will be focused on the monitoring of the operational function of the Fire and Resuce Services Stations ( FRSS).

Under this law, the municipality should take measures to ensure coverage of the territory with the service of the FPSS in those units where there were no fire stations, organizing and establishing fire brigade stations and services, complete with firefighting personnel, vehicles and technical equipment. The organizations of the civil society will closely monitor the targeted Municipalities ( Berat, Lushnje, Pogradec, Kukes, Malesi e Madhe and Vau i Dejes) whether the applcation of the bye-laws have started in these LGUs.

The protection against fire and rescue comes as a result of increased demand for this service in terms of increasing the security of human and private (public or private) life and environment, in the areas currently covered by this service, as well as the intentions for expanding this service in teh areas where it lacks in compliance with the new territorial division

Type of services provided

 Local civil society organizations were mobilized and streamlined their actions as follows:

1) Monitored LGUs in implementation of the decentralization law for the transfer and making operational of the a) assets, staffs and funds pertaining to Fire and Rescue Service (MKZH) stations;

2) Voluntary engagement of citizens in the provision of prevention , protection and rescue services in case of fire;

3) Encouraged new forms of cooperation with LGUs;

4) Set of Recommendations provided to LGUs ( in Berat, Lushnje, Kukes, Pogradec, Malesi e Madhe, Vau i Dejes) that will be subject to monitoring for the coming year by volunteer citizens (mostly administrators of residential and non-resident buildings).