Blue & Green vs Black & Grey

Economic and Regional Development
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LDA Macedonia
Detailed description of the project: 

The overall objective of the project is to facilitate effective and responsible use of the natural resources in the cross-border region around the Ohrid lake, thus enhancing the sustainable development in the area. The project aims at raising awareness and knowledge of the local stakeholders to contribute towards reducing problems which endanger the Ohrid Lake due to unsustainable use and management of natural resources.

Specific Objective
Blue & Green vs Black & Grey project aims at:
Objective 1: Collected, organized and made available to the public information on management of natural resources related to forest and water in the cross border area of Ohrid Lake.
Objective2: Improved knowledge and increased awareness of the communities, and local and central authorities responsible for the management of forest and water resources on the importance of their sustainable use.
Objective 3: Increased participation of the stakeholders and their collaboration for identifying sustainable solutions for their rural communities is enabled.

Type of services provided

Activities under each objectives are:

Activity 1-The first set of activities will improve the situation by creating a database of information about the lake’s health and the status of the surrounding forests, creating a physical space where materials and knowledge can be located, creating an online web portal to access relevant information from anywhere in the world, beginning the process of changing habits by introducing kids to sustainable practices, generally raising the issues of sustainable development and natural resources management and creating a common forum for them to be recognized and discussed

Activity 2- Awareness raising and education activities. The second set of activities will improve the situation in the cross borders region by creating and dispersing materials for farmers and community members who are already interested in sustainable methods, and to expose community members to these ideas who otherwise would remain ignorant of their role in sustainable resource management.

Activity 3- Establishing and facilitating work of Local Advisory Groups on Environment (LAGEs). The creation of these LAGEs will further empower the citizens in the cross borders region to advocate for themselves and the environment around them. Further actions can be taken by these groups that is not in the purview of this project, actions such as legislative change, grassroots campaigns, and political lobbying.