YES!+ Youth Empowerment and Skills Workshop

Social Development
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EuroPartners Development
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Detailed description of project The workshop YES!+ is a youth focused activity that: Explores techniques to increase energy & reduce stress. Impacts your studies & future positively. Opens the mind to be more innovative & dynamic. Stimulates the intellect & improves performance. Establishes heightened awareness & enthusiasm. It helps to transform interpersonal relationships & communication through: Teambuilding exercises Awareness Training Breathing techniques and relaxation skills Physical Stretches for health of body and mind Defining personal goals Improving presentation skills 10 participants selected by two workshops organized participated in the Ethics in Business - CCS World Youth Forum: 10th - 14th November 2008, Brussels, Belgium - Type of services provided The activities entailed shall be the following Coordinate in-country activities for the workshop Provide support to IHVA trainers for organization of the activity ( 6 days workshop) Provide translation during the workshop for smoothly implementation of activities