TA to draft the ToRs for IPA 2009 TA Project "Support to Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare"

Good Governance
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EuroPartners Development
Detailed description of the project: 

The project goal was to draft Terms of Reference for IPA 2009 Technical Assistance project 'Support to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. The activity will serve to review and revise the employment and social benefits systems and build the capacity of the MLSW administrative structures in preparation for the decentralisation process starting from 2009- 2010.

Type of services provided:

  • Information gathering on this specific topic
  • Discussion with relevant stakeholders: Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Centers for Social Welfare, Municipalities (Departments of Social Welfare), Ministry of Local Governance, Civil Society Organisations involved in the field of social protection and employment;
  • and Draft Terms of Reference for the IPA 2009 Technical Assistance project.