Sustainable Competiveness and Technological Capacity of SMEs - ADRIATinn

Western Balkans
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Ionian University
Detailed description of the project: 
Overall objective
The general objective of this strategic project is to boost research and innovation capacities as well as fostering innovation in SMEs through joint activities or networks aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Adriatic area by building a sustainable, cross-border ecosystem for SMEs related to bio-economy and energy.
Specific Objective
ADRIATinn project aims to:
Objective 1: Foster cooperation/dialogue between key stakeholders and policymakers to increase territorial endogenous capacity in RDI.
Objective 2: Create mechanisms oriented to SMEs to support their RDI capacity to improve their competitiveness also developing high added quality innovative products.
Objective 3: Stimulate the emerging of innovative economic sectors/branches combining technology innovation and social aspects (such as creative industries, creative thinking, commercialisation of knowledge, etc.)
Type of services provided
Activities under each objectives are:
  • Recording of all national/regional/local/ best practices, policies and strategies of the participating countries, as well as of other areas like Baltic, and exploration of their possible transfer and adjustment to other countries of the area
  • High-level meetings/workshops between practitioners/stakeholders from different countries but in the same sector to facilitate dialogue on RDI issues and development of Smart specialization and open data
  • Several methodological instruments/tools/mechanisms to support RDI capacity of SMEs (focusing on energy and bio-economy sectors) will be created. Specifically: (i) Collaborative workspaces
  • Recording of all SMEs with RDI capacities and needs, with emphasis in female entrepreneurs; Organization of seminars in which cases of SMEs success stories deriving from innovation will be presented
  • Collaboration among SMEs and RDI performers resulting in the provision of targeted, state of the art studies
  • Gathering and recording of consistent data and information, and creation of a dedicated helpdesk as reference point, on emerging economic sectors/branches (bio-economy and energy) and new cross-sectorial themes (well-being sector combining food industry, tourism and health/sports)
  • Spin-off and start-up helpdesks, also covering the complex IP issues
  • Organization of start-up weekends to promote entrepreneurship, collaboration and creativity