Support to Kosovo with preparation for participation in EU Programmes

Sustainable Development
Starting Date: 
April 2018
Ending Date: 
April 2019
Donor agency: 
Lead Partner: 
Detailed description of the project: 
  • Global objective

Supporting Kosovo efforts towards European Integration by facilitating transfer of know-how and good practices in the area of key priority points for its reform process and to help Kosovo and its citizens to familiarise with the EU Programmes.

  • Specific objective(s)

1. Providing effective support to institutions of Kosovo by facilitating their participation in the selected EU Programmes: Erasmus +, Creative Europe, COSME, Europe for citizens; and strengthen capacities of the relevant institutions and potential applicants from Kosovo.

  • Requested services

This assignment will address a very specific and wide range of issues with high immediate impact. It will focus on practical assistance to the main beneficiaries and potential applicants.

The project team will be requested to perform the following tasks:

  • Provision of technical advice to the relevant institutions (Ministry of European Integration and line ministries) regarding the participation of Kosovo in the four selected EU Programmes;
  • Provision of tailor made trainings/workshops and other capacity building events on all selected EU Programmes for relevant institutions and potential applicants;
  • Provision of targeted hands-on support to applicants in preparation of the quality applications for all selected EU Programmes.

Required output:

  1. Institutional capacities of MEI and the line ministries established and prepared for access to the selected four EU Programmes (such as establishment of the focal points, support with any legal/administrative procedures that might be needed, introduction of the requirements and procedures for participation in different programmes etc.);
  2. Guidelines for coordination of EU Programmes in Kosovo, with detailed roles and responsibilities for each institution developed;
  3. Targeted support to applicants for development of high quality proposals and to link up with successful partners from other countries;
  4. 8 tailor-made trainings/workshops  with at least 30 participants for each event and other similar events on participation in particular programme and project proposal preparation for representatives of Kosovo institutions and potential applicant outside of the public sector;
  5. one public awareness campaign  for each of the selected EU Programmes containing the key information on individual programmes open for Kosovo participation organised, published via visibility material and delivered in the information sessions.