Revision of Legal Gap Assessments (LGAs) and Support to Preparing Negotiating Positions for Internal Market Cluster and Chapter 20 of the Acquis (Phase 2)

Good Governance
Starting Date: 
Ending Date: 
Donor agency: 
GIZ Albania
Lead Partner: 
Humelica Consulting International
Detailed description of the project: 

The overall objective of the project is to support and strengthen relevant Albanian Institution and Inter-Institutional Working Groups (IIWGs) dealing with economic criteria Cluster 2 and Chapter 20 of Cluster 3, to strengthen Albania's readiness for EU accession talks and accession negotiations processes. 

The specific objectives are: 

  1. Support to Albanian Institutions and IIWGs in revision and update of Legal Gap Assessment and Institutional and Administrative GAP Assessment for accession negotiations of Albania with EU for the Internal Market Cluster and Chapter 20 ‘’ Enterprise and Industrial Policy’’.
  2. Support to Albanian Institutions and IIWGs in Preparing Negotiating Positions for Internal Market Cluster Negotiating Chapters and Chapter 20.

The following activities are being supported by the project;

  • Comprehensive desk research, analyzing the existing LGAs and IAGAs for the chapters 1,2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 20 and 28 of the acquis and identify the gaps. 
  • Provide technical expertise and update LGAs/IAGAs, ensuring alignment with EU standards and informing on required track record requirements
  • Ensure quality both in content and format of the final LGA/IAGA and recommendations for further improvements
  • Provide technical expertise for the revision and improvement of the negotiating positions in all the chapter of Internal Market Cluster 2 and Chapter 20, identifying areas for improvement based on knowledge of Albanian regulatory and institutional framework and acquis alignment level.
  • Provide Coaching Sessions to the respective IIWG on preparing negotiating positions, including advice on transitory periods, derogations, and other essential components as well as providing advice on credible data sources for filling information gaps.
  • Support and provide technical expertise during the Consultation sessions PPEI roundtables on the Relevant Negotiating Positions, bringing experience and perspectives from other countries.