Reporting on Internal Market and European Standards issues related to Acquis Chapters

Good Governance
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EPRD Poland
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Overall objective is to enhance the Commissions knowledge and understanding of developments taking place in Albania following the Internal Market and European Standards areas.

Specific Objective is to produce special analytical reports on legislative, policy and institutional reforms/developments taking place in the areas such as rights of establishment and freedom to provide services, intellectual property rights, competition, public procurement; energy, environment climate change, consumer and health protection, education and culture.

Evaluate the progress made by Albania in 19 chapters of acqui and produce special analytical reports.

Type of services provided

Three experts of the macroeconomic and public sector reform area closely

Associated with the Delegation of European Union in Tirana. Research the information needed to draft the reports through direct contacts with relevant Albanian institutions(Government, relevant line Ministries, state agencies, international experts, etc.) as well as through direct research on available published resources.