Municipalities for Europe 1 (Phase II )

Good Governance
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Ending Date: 
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ICE/Belgium, EPRD/Poland, Ecorys/Netherlands, OSFA/Albania
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Detailed description of the project: 

The project aims to provide technical assistance and support to municipalities through training sessions, knowledge transfer activities, public events and various information tools in order to build capacities and raise awareness for municipal administrations and citizens of Albania.  

Through a national coverage, this project will provide support to all 61 LGUs and engage in activities in order to achieve the following main components:

  • Strengthening local government capacities in facing the challenges that the European integration process presents and seize the opportunities that it offers.
  • Increasing knowledge of the EU policies, acquis, standards and dissemination of EU related information at local level.. All project management activities are organized around 3 components. 
    • C.I Institutional and Capacity Building 
    • C.II Local Goverment performance 
    • C.III Outreach and visibility

In order to achieve the goals of the project, the following main activities are implemented: 

  • Support the establishment of European Integration Units in all municipalities of Albania and their proper functioning.
  • Continue assisting municipalities in the EU integration process by informing regarding the obligations and benefits that arise for local governments and local communities in the Albanian journey towards EU membership.
  • Enhance the capacity of local governments to transmit EU-related information to the public and targeted stakeholders.
  • Assist municipalities in applying for EU funds and programmes, in particular acting as technical assistance to the EU funded grant scheme 'EU for Municipalities'. 
  • Promote co-operation between local government, local community, civil society and other stakeholders in decision-making and ongoing consultation on issues related to the EU integration process.
  • Support the formulation and the presentation of joint stances and proposals from the local government in order to improve their EU related performance, in close coordination and cooperation with the Consultative Council Technical Secretariat.
  • Assist in consolidating the role of the Agency for Local Government Support (ASLG) and the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) and enhancing their functions vis-à-vis local government units in matters relating to the EU.