Innovation Eco-System in the CBC area (CBC INNOV8)

Albania/ Macedonia
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EuroPartners Development
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Project Summary This project consist in the establishment of innovation support infrastructure for transfer of know-how technologies among Start-Ups and SMEs in the CBC areas between Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Albania. The main purpose of the proposed action is to help establish, within the existing educational and businesses context, a CBC innovation eco-system for SMEs and Start-Ups by: Strengthening capacities of key stakeholders in advancing competitiveness and know in the CBC areas. Enhancing cross-sector cooperation between SMEs and Start-Ups by focusing in complementarity and utilizing the present and future business opportunities for joint ventures and offering perennial service. Mainstreaming the established innovation eco-system from national to CBC areas. This project will last 28 months from 01/01/2018 – 30/04/2021 and will be implemented by respective organizations as below: Target groups of the project includes: universitites, research centres, educational institutions as first level; Start-Ups in CBC areas as second level of target groups; and regional authorities, municipalities of the area where this project shall be implemented, chambers of commerce and local business representatives. The last group is considered as the third level of target groups. This project is funded by the European Commission represented by Delegation of the European Union in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Planned outputs: 1. Identified innovation related knowledge gaps and opportunities for transfer of know-how, technologies and innovations for Start-Ups and SMEs in CBC area. 2. Developed a CBC cross-sector innovations platform for transfer of know-how & technologies among Start-Ups and SMEs. 3. Enhanced capacity of CBC innovation stakeholders to organize effective innovation eco-system in CBC area with two CBC innovation hubs. 4. Increased competitiveness of Start-Ups and SMEs in the CBC area. 5. Increased competitiveness of Start-Ups and SMEs in the CBC area.