CDC (Community Development Centre)
Korca, Korca
Rr: "Nuci Gogo", L. 1, Nr. 3 Korce, Albania
tel: +35582250670    fax: +35582250670
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Civil Society Development
  • Culture and Sports
Executive Director
Ciljeta Simaku
Mission Statement
The mission of the organization is to give the contribution for a civil, democratic and sustainable development of the community in the region of Korca in the cultural, social, economic and political aspects through coordination, consultancy and training.
Short Description

Objectives of the association are:

  • To give inputs for a sustainable, democratic and civil development of community in the Region of Korca in terms of social, cultural, economic and political, through coordination, advice and support in the general community interests in the region of Korca, through awareness, training and community involvement in social activities, cultural, economic and political
  • To work with civic awareness programs in different fields of life in the Korca region.
  • To help members of society to develop social and civic activities in their territory. To sensitize local authorities and central government for serious study of many traditional values and culture in our county to establish principles for these values in the community.
  • To attract the attention of foreign donors and investment opportunities and help communities to better management of assets and traditional values, cultural city.
  • To establish contact and collaboration with various organizations in the country and abroad, to attract funding and resources for community development and awareness of cultural life, the social, economic and political.
  • To prepare information materials for tourist, cultural, social and democratic values og Korca region and find better ways for using their distribution especially through media.
  • To organize training on education field and professional training.


CDC (Community Development Centre) is a nongovernmental organization established according the Albanian law No. 8788 date 07.04.2001 “for the non profitable organizations”. The board of organization is compiled only of women with experiences in different international and national organization.

Past Performance/Organizational Capacity

Our organization has been working in the region on several youth project by supporting and motivating them by their academic performance and involving them in activities and now with the new status as a development centre the social and economic development is one if the main goals of the centre.
Some of the activities organized by CDC have been:


  1. Job Fair “Institutionalization of the place where the employer meets the employee” Financed by USAID through LGPA Program in cooperation with municipality of Korca, Chamber of Commerce, Labor Office and University.
  2. Elaboration and publishing of a brochure “How to organize a Job Fair” with the main purpose to make use of these guide lines and replicate this project in other possible regions or towns. (Financed by LGPA)
  3. Implementation of a training packages for small and medium enterprises on management issues. ( In cooperation with Tabita Foundation)
    Elaboration of a survey in the framework of the project implemented by Europartners Development and presentation of the findings of this citizens about the transparency and information access

Staff skills:

The staff of CDC is a very well trained staff in economic issues such as Project management, Trainer of Trainers, Strategic development, Fair organization, Accounting, Quality Management, etc, and members of the staff has benn working as short term expert for different international organization such as SNV, GTZ , etc.

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