Increase Capacities of Local Actors in the regions of Dibra and Kukes to benefit from EU funded Programs

Economic and Regional Development
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OSFA Foundation
Lead Partner: 
EuroPartners Development
Detailed description of the project: 
Aim: Increase of capacities of local stakeholdes of the areas of Dibra and Kukes to benefit from IPA (Component II) Specific Objectives: - To increase the level of information on the latest opportunities offered from the financial support of the EU through IPA Components; - To increase the capacities of Dibra and Kukes potential beneficiaries to prepare project proposals in the framework of calls for proposals launched – IPA Cross Border Cooperation, Component II; - To increase cooperation at local and regional level. The project contributed to the improvement of knowledge and capacities of local actors of Dibra and Kukes, as beneficiaries of Albania-Macedonia and Albania-Montenegro respectively. The trainings in both areas were developed in compliance with the launching of the calls for proposals. - There were prepared 4 leaflets on the cross-border programs: a. Informative leaflet on Albania-Macedonia cross-border program; b. Informative leaflet on Albania-Montenegro cross-border program; c. Informative leaflet on IPA-Adriatic cross-border program; d. Informative leaflet on South East Europe Translational Territorial Program. These leaflets were of high significance not only for the project, but also for other regions where cross-border programs are eligible. EuroPartners developed the Manual for organizations that apply for EU funds for the calls for proposals of cross-border nature. This publication has been one of the strongest requirements from local partners with regard to applying for IPA funds. The manual served for other areas eligible for the programs, including Shkodra, Elbasan, Korca, for the cross-border programs between the Western Balkan countries with those of the EU (see the news and publication section).