Finalization of the Crosscutting Decentralization and Local Governance Strategy 2015-2020

Good Governance
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EuroPartners Development
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The overall objective of the assignment is to assist the GoA on the establishing a new strategic framework on decentralization and local governance.

More specifically the objective of scope of the assignment is to support the Local Government Development Project project in its efforts to assist the Minister of Local Government Issues in drafting the draft Crosscutting Decentralization and Local Governance Strategy

Type of services provided

  1. Reviewing the analyses carried out in analysing different functions of the local government;
  2. Ensure that there is a coherence between the chapters and sub-chapters as defined in the draft structure of the strategy;
  3. Develop the Declaration of the Vision of the Strategy in order to reflect the message on the consolidation of local autonomy;
  4. Develop the monitoring framework by linking the input indicators with respective objectives and developing the indicators’ passports