Enhancing transparency and information on Local Government services delivery in Puka and Lushnja

Starting Date: 
Ending Date: 
Donor agency: 
OSFA Foundation
Lead Partner: 
EuroPartners Development
Detailed description of the project: 

The aim of the project is to influence in the enhancement of the welfare of Puka and Lushnja citizens as a result of the improvement of quality and transparency in terms of public services delivered by the local government institutions.

The increase of the role of the wider public, particularly of the civil society through monitoring of service delivery, is important in the improvement of service quality and transparency – especially at Local Government level.
In order to assess the public perception with regard to the transparency of services delivered by local government institutions, the Citizens Report Card (CRC) approach will be used to evidence citizens’ opinion with a view to transparency and quality of performance of public institutions.
Therefore, the project will be based on two main pillars: (i) Public perception assessment in relation to transparency and information for services delivered by Local Government Institutions; (ii) Preparation of the Report with data emerging from the application of the Citizens Report Cards method and the dissemination of results, together with awareness events with the civil society and local government.
The project will have a duration of 10 months. It will be implemented based on the successful experience gained in the regions of Korca, Fier and Shkodra with the Citizens Report Cards methodology, implemented by EuroPartners Development and financed by the EUD to Albania.

Specific Objectives:

  • To assist in increasing transparency and the public, community and non-governmental organizations access in monitoring the quality of public service delivery and in their more effective participation in the decision-making processes;
  • To increase the capacity of the municipalities of Puka and Lushnja with regard to communication and being more responsive towards their citizens on the provision of services by the local government;
  • To develop mechanisms that would facilitate the circulation of information at local level related to services offered by the IPRO-s.

Expected Results:

  • higher level of information and awareness of citizens and the wider public in relation to the transparency and quality of public services delivery;
  • Higher capacities of civil society and local communities to be informed and engaged in decision-making processes and to monitor more effectively public services at local level (ensuring accountability of institutions);
  • Improved capacities of local government institutions to receive and utilize the feedback from service users and disseminate the appropriate information (to ensure a higher transparency).
  • Enhanced opportunities of citizens’ access to information, public decision-making (through the dissemination of information, publications, TV broadcasting of discussions); and the monitoring of the delivery of services process from the Municipalities and the IPRO-s.