Economic and Regional Development

Country Title Period Donor Agency Lead Partner
Albania Digital Jobs Albania 2021-2022 World Bank Learnio
Albania Support to UNICEF on Decentralization landscape in Albania – how administrative and fiscal decentralization affect child-related policies 2021 - 2022 UNICEF EuroPartners Development
Albania Communication Campaign of Friendly Wi-Fi Albania 2019-2020 UNICEF EuroPartners Development
Albania Supporting Development of Local Action Groups (LAGs) in Rural Areas in Albania (LEADER Approach) 2017-2020 World Bank EuroPartners Development
Albania Delegation of functions for implementation "Function of protection from fire and rescue" 2017-2018 Swiss Government EuroPartners Development
Albania ProINVEST Albania 2015-2017 GIZ GFA Consulting Group
Albania Support to Municipality of Kukes for preparation of 2030 Territorial Development Strategy 2015-2016 Swiss Coop EuroPartners Development
Albania / Kosovo Support to Promotion of "Green Business" 2014-2016 EU EuroPartners
Macedonia Blue & Green vs Black & Grey 2014-2016 EU LDA Macedonia
Albania Fostering Cooperation and mobilization composing economic clusters 2012-2013 EU EuroPartners Development
Albania Public Awareness Campaign for the Metrology, Standards, Testing and Quality (MSTQ) System 2011 World Bank EuroPartners Development
Albania Preparation of the Albanian Authorities for the EU's Decentralised Implementation System (DIS) 2010-2013 EU East West Consulting
Kosovo Support to Cross Border Cooperation Programme for Kosovo 2008-2012 EU EWC (Belgium)
Kosovo Fiscal Impact Assessment of draft legislation on the Civil Service-Kosovo 2008 DFID
Increase Capacities of Local Actors in the regions of Dibra and Kukes to benefit from EU funded Programs 2008-2009 OSFA Foundation EuroPartners Development
Albania, Serbia Evaluation of Sida’s support to the SEPA 2009 Sida SIPU International
Albania Jordan Government 2009 EU EuroPartners Development
Albania Preparation of Tourism Development Plans in Kryevidh 2008-2009 ADF EuroPartners Development
Kosovo Support to Regional Development in Kosovo 2008 EU ACE Consulting (Spain)